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1337Clickz is a programm designed to automate tasks in Windows. It is aimed to have a userfriendly way to automate Windowstasks, Websites and Games. Its initial version only included clickautomation and later imagesearch functionality. With version 3 its features are:

  • Automate clicks in a endless loop with custom delays
  • Imagesearch: Find a Image on screen and click it
  • Custom Actions like: Activate Window, ShellExecute, Send a String, Pause the script or stop a Process. All of this can also be triggered by Image

Features in Detail

Here are the Features in Detail:

  • Coordclick: Simply sends a mouseclick(left or right) to given coordinate. Optional you can chose whether it should be sent with hold CTRL,SHIFT or ALT button
  • Imagesearch: Looks for a given Image on the Screen and clicks it as soon as found. Clicks can be done with the same Options as Coordclick. Area to search the Image for can be given to avoid multiple findings
  • CustommActions: Here comes the real deal:
    • Activate Window: Activates a Window and sets it in front, so other actions can be done with it
    • Send String: Sends a string to the currently active Window, like openning your inventory in a game with the i key
    • Pause: Simple but needed, make your programm pause for a given amout of ms
    • Execute Shell: This is a powerfull tool in Windows. It enables you to expand the automation even further. You can open a .exe, or a website, or even execute a .bat file

General Options:

Here is how it works:

  • Press F1 to add your current Mouseposition to the list. Use F6 to start/stop 1337Clickz and F9 to close it
  • In the Options menu you can chose whether 1337Clickz should also hold down a button for you (CTRL/ALT/SHIFT), or you can trigger the Checkbox by the Hotkeys
  • In the Inputbox below you can set the time to wait after the Click was sent.
  • Display Mouseposition will show your current Coordinates at your Mousecursor
  • In Testmode you will only see Tooltips instead of real clicks, so you can check out if everything works
  • Rightclick the list on the right side, to get Options like:
    • Save/Load Profile
    • Delete Profile
    • Delete selected Entry/whole list
    • Add Image/Action


This function loops clicks on given screencoordinates. You can pair the click with a hold ALT/CTRL/SHIFT button since many games use this (for example in inventory). It's the most reliable way to automate, if you know where your items to click on are. Of course you can also send a rightclick command.

Here is a simple how to:

  • Press F1 to add your current Mouseposition to the list.
  • With hotkeys (F2-F5) or via checkboxes, you can determine whether to use ALT/SHIFT/CTRL-click or not.
  • Display Mousepos shows your current X/Y coordinates on your Mousecursor.
  • In the inputbox you can set a pausetime after a click is sent.
  • Testmode will not send clicks, but instead display a tooltip on the coordinate 1337Clickz would click.
  • Selfhtml


Imagesearch looks for a given image on your screen and clicks it. It's an obvious powerfull function to automte every sort of programm,website or game and therefore comes with a higher grade customizability. It compares every pixel of the given .PNG pictre in the Imagefolder to every pixel in the given area, the image needs to be small(50x50 pixel for example) and unique on your screen to find it fast. This is how you set it up:

  • The options work just like in Coordclick
  • Show Area Button displays a blue overlay on your screen with the given area to check if you picture is in it.
  • Tolerance (0-255) determines how much the picture can differ from the original to be found. I find 50-100 to be a realistic option.
  • Rightclick on the List to open the menu and click a image to add it with the current options
  • If not found, there will appear a tooltip on your cursor
  • Simply create a .png like this:
  • Selfhtml
  • Then configure 1337Clickz like this:
  • Selfhtml


CustomActions its the most advanced part of 1337Clickz, if you get yourself used to it automate nearly everthing. It includes Coordclick and Imagesearch and some more basic windows functions. Here is the overview how to use it:

  • The options work just like in Coordclick, F1 adds a simple Coordclick.
  • All options from Imagesearch also apply here.
  • Rightclick on the list to add a action:
    • Pause adds a pausetimer in ms since the "Wait after clicks" box does not apply here
    • Send String: Sends given characters to the active Window. You can also send a keydown like this: {a down} and reverse its by {a up}. To find out more option see this page
    • Activate Window: Set a window to the foreground, doesnt matter if its minimised or just behind another window
    • ShellExecute: Opens the Windows Commandline to 1337Clickz. Type in "www.google.com" and it will open the page in your standardbrowser, or use "any.lnk" to to trigger a link to a .exe or any other file. You can even create your own .bat file or whole programms and have it triggered by this function. The possibilities are realy endless.
    • Kill Process forces Windows to quit a certain process with given name.
    • All of the above options can also be triggered by an Image appearing on screen, with a few additions:
      • Offsetclick enables you not to click directly on the picture but with a slight offset. Type in 100/50 and it will click 100 pixels to the right and 50 pixels lower
      • Coordclick clicks fixed coordinates after the picture appears
      • Kill Process stops a process with a given name
      • Here is a little showcase of its capabilities:
      • Selfhtml


Here is what i currently plan and whats already done.

  • Bugfixing and extended testing on Win7/Win10
  • Implement TCP control for 1337Clickz so it can be accessed by other software on the PC, the network or even the Internet
  • Editable list items
  • Drag and Drop list items
  • Check Inputs for correct format
  • GUI Improvements
  • Authsystem

Contact us

For questions, support and suggestions mail to: 1337Clickz@gmail.com